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Local authority quality assurance information

Information used to quality assure the 2011 Census results at local authority level accompanied the first release of 2011 Census statistics. Read more about local authority quality assurance.

This information, for every local authority in England and in Wales, contains the elements below. 

2011 Census population estimates

  • Estimates by five year age band and sex, against comparator data.

  • 2011 Census response rates.

  • Census confidence intervals around each age and sex estimate.

  • Estimates of short-term residents by sex.

2011 Census household estimates

  • Estimates of occupied households.

  • Total number of residential addresses from the address register.

Summaries of the components used in estimating local authority populations

  • The usual resident population counted according to the 2011 Census returned questionnaires.

  • 2011 Census population estimates after coverage assessment and adjustment.

  • Smaller components, such as adjustments for people in communal establishments and adjustments for overcount.

A series of reports underpinning local authority quality assurance information accompanied the first release of 2011 Census statistics. The reports provide an overview of the methodology for producing the census population estimates. They give detail on the different components of the estimation process, and explain how some population groups were quality assured such as students and the armed forces.


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