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2011 Census reporting and analysis

Planned analysis

Further analysis is planned using subsequent phases of the detailed and local characteristic tables.

Analyses will be released at the same time as, or following, table release dates. Further analyses, once defined, will be added to the list.

Please note that analyses with exact dates are confirmed; all others are subject to change. 

For all analyses published so far, visit the Census Analysis pages.


Analysis Planned release date
Occupancy rating by health September 2014
Occupancy rating by ethnic group October 2014
Part time workers across England and Wales November 2014
Length of residence and social and economic characteristics of the migrant population in England and Wales Autumn 2014
Coastal communities Autumn 2014
The changing economic geography of England and Wales Autumn 2014
What does the census tell us about how labour market participation varies by ethnic group? Autumn 2014
Investigating population growth 2001-2011 by Urban Area Autumn 2014
What does the 2011 Census tell us about residents with a work related second address in England and Wales? Autumn 2014
Student population analysis Autumn 2014
Communal establishments Winter 2014
Living alone TBC
Industrial structure and clusters TBC
Commuting at local levels TBC
Regional Portraits TBC
Disability in the workplace: A comparison with 2001 TBC
Economic activity of people at or over State Pension Age (SPA) TBC
Additional properties of those over State Pension Age (SPA) TBC


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