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2011 Census geography

ONS has kept the 2011 Census output geography as stable as possible. Around 2.6 per cent of the output areas and super output areas that were created from the 2001 Census have been modified. 

Estimates for output geographies will be best-fitted from the 2011 output area to the output geography as was current on 31 December 2011.

The geography policy for the 2011 Census is in line with the geography policy for National Statistics. This sets out best practice for using geographic information to produce national statistics that are accurate, consistent and comparable.

The geography policy adopted for the 2011 Census statistics has been subject to extensive public consultation and has been ratified by the ONS Statistical Policy Committee.

2011 Census Geography prospectus

The 2011 Census Geography prospectus was published online on 31 May 2012. It sets out the release plans for the 2011 Census geography reference data, and provides some background about how the reference data are produced and how they should be used. These reference data include digital boundaries for the modified set of output areas, super output areas, and the new workplace zones, and a number of supporting lookup files to enable linkage between the 2001 and 2011 output areas, and from the 2011 output areas to the 2011 Census output geographies.

The first release of 2011 Census geography reference data as outlined in the prospectus will be available for electronic download through the ONS website on Tuesday 30 October.

The spatial geography products (including output area boundaries) will be supplied under Open Government licence and Ordnance Survey Open Data licence.

All other geography products will be supplied under the Open Government licence.

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