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Additional products and services

A selection of tools and data services supplementing 2011 Census data tables for England and Wales.
2011 Census

Interactive content

The 2011 Census is a rich data source providing a detailed snapshot of the population, its characteristics, and its housing, and enables us to tracks changes in society over time. These interactive charts and maps allow you to explore census data like never before.

2011 Census analysis

Detailed analyses of census data for England and Wales on a variety of topics, including migration and demography, ethnicity and national identity, health, housing, the labour market, language, religion, and unpaid care.

Census microdata

Microdata are small samples of anonymised data for whole households and individuals. They enable researchers to look at combinations of characteristics, and to perform types of analyses, not generally possible from standard products.

Census Dataset Explorer and API (beta)

Dataset explorer is a new facility from ONS to help you discover relevant datasets for your needs, and to view or download them. It also provides facilities to refine datasets to extract only the information for the areas you require. Initially, the new functionality contains a sub-set of 2011 Census data, but more will follow.

Bulk data

Bulk data products enable users to load large volumes of tables into their own systems in automated ways. The main statistics from the 2011 Census are published in sets of tables. If you require all the tables in a particular release, you need our bulk data service.

Data from previous censuses
2001 Census data
Census data 1801 - 1991


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