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1991 Census data

A range of national and local output from the 1991 Census, in print or electronic media, is available on request from Census Customer Services.

Topic reports, Local Base reports, monitors and key statistics were all produced as printed reports.

More detailed results for local areas were produced on electronic media, and all output was supported by a range of user guides and supporting information.

The 1991 Census product catalogue summarizes all data, geographic and supporting information that was produced, and includes details of how to obtain complete sets of extracts.

1991 results online

A limited range of output from the 1991 Census is available to view online. This includes summary urban area data described below, and local results accessible using the Nomis® (National Online Manpower Information System) website.

NOMIS provides both the Local Base Statistics (20,000 cellls of information for each area)  and Small Area Statistics (5,000 cells of information for each area ) in the form of 99 tables in each set.

1991 urban areas

In Census terms "towns" and "cities" are classified as Urban Areas. Population counts for the 50 highest populated Urban Areas and for constituent parts of the main urban areas are available to download in Excel format.

The full listing of 1,859 Urban Areas and 604 sub-divisions for England and Wales is available from Census Customer Services.

In addition more detailed statistics for these areas are presented within a series of five published reports available from The Stationery Office:

1991 Census Key Statistics for Urban and Rural Areas

  • Great Britain

  • The North

  • The Midlands

  • The South East

  • The South West and Wales 

The Great Britain report contains Urban Areas with a usually resident population of 20,000 and over, whereas the regional reports contain the areas with a usually resident population of 1,000 and over.

A specially prepared set of 153 key counts is also available for each Urban Area in electronic format on request from Census Customer Services.

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