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1981 Census data

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The majority of results available from the 1981 Census were produced as printed reports in two main types:

  • multi-topic reports - for local authorities and similar areas

  • single-topic based reports for particular topics - covering Great Britain or England and Wales as a whole.

Some reports were published by the Census offices and others by HMSO (Her Majesty's Stationery Office).

Multi-topic reports

Comprehensive reports include those for each county and Scottish regions, and natinal reports with tables at regional and national level. These provide a series of detailed tables and many are split into two volumes.

Summary reports include monitors (in England and Wales) and Bulletins (in Scotland) which provide summary statistics with brief commentary and comparison with results from earlier censuses. These were provided nationally for a range of areas, including counties, regions, wards and civil parishes.

Key Statistics are compact reference works containing an introduction to the statistics contained in each report and to sources of census data in general. They were produced for all local authorities and urban areas in Great Britain. 

Single-topic reports

The major part of the national results is contained in a series of reports containing tables which deal with particular topics.

Details of which topics were produced for which geographical areas are available in the 1981 Census Report Catalogue, together with more details of all other reports. 

1981 results online

A limited range of output from the 1981 Census is available to view online. Local results in the form of Small Area Statistics (a series of 53 tables) are accessible using the Nomis® (National Online Manpower Information System) website. Nomis® also provides the Special Workplace Statistics from the 1981 Census.

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