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Enhancing access to ONS data

ONS produces a huge range of data of interest to a wide audience.

To support the Government’s objective to publish more government data, ONS aims to achieve the widest possible dissemination and use of official statistics by taking better advantage of the opportunities afforded by the web and associated technologies.

To help achieve this goal, the Web Data Access project has been developing tools that provide improved and easier access to ONS data.

Now available: Data Explorer (Beta)

The Data Explorer enables users to discover, view and download datasets on the ONS website It also includes facilities for users to refine datasets to extract only the information they require.

The Beta version of the Data Explorer is now available.

Now available: ONS Open API (Beta)

The ONS Application Programming Interface (API) allows other systems to programmatically request and receive ONS data. It is provided to encourage other parties and developers to build applications that use ONS data, to extend the reach of ONS data to new audiences (for example mobile phone applications).

The Beta version of the ONS Open API is now available.

Data available

The data currently available through these tools is primarily data from the 2011 Census. More census data will be made available over time. We plan to widen the use of these tools to other data produced by ONS, with some trial datasets being made available over the coming months.

If you would like to provide any feedback on the Beta versions, or be involved in any future consultation around website improvements, please contact us.

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