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Much of the current research being carried out by the Beyond 2011 Programme is focused on investigating ways of making more use of data from administrative sources and so it is especially important to have a good understanding of the quality of such sources.

The Programme has developed an Administrative Data Quality Framework to provide a systematic basis for understanding the scope and content of the information held in administrative sources or systems (owned by other government departments or public authorities). This information together with details on specific quality measures will provide an integral part of a wider assessment of end to end quality which will encompass input, process and output quality.

Current Sources reports which are available provide assessments of the NHS Patient Register (S1), the Electoral Register (S2), the English School Census and Welsh School Census (S3),  the Higher Education Statistics Agency: Student Record (S4) and the Department for Work and Pensions and HM Revenue and Customs Benefit and Revenue Information (CIS) and Lifetime Labour Market Database (L2) (S5) as possible sources of administrative data which the Beyond 2011 Programme might use.

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