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The Beyond 2011 Progress Report is designed with the intention of providing a high-level overview of developments within the Programme during the previous six monthly period. The third issue covers the period from January to the end of July 2013.

Progress Reports will discuss work that the Programme has been undertaking in the areas of stakeholder engagement, statistical research, methods and policies, developing the assessment criteria, assessing the options and investigating the administrative sources. We will also describe work that is going forward to assess public acceptability of the options. Measures we are taking to develop external assurance for the Programme will also be covered.

The Progress Report - July 2013 (P3) provides a summary of the research work carried out during the past few months and a look forward to the next steps. Details are included on the Programme's specification of the leading options and development of the business case that will be required to underpin its recommendation.

Reports published in this category are available under Downloads to the right.

Greater detail on the research we are undertaking will be made available via reports to be published within the Research, Methods and Policies and Sources categories.

If there is anything about our work you would like to discuss please contact us.

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