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Early Reports and Research Papers

The following reports are made available here as early examples of the thinking of the Beyond 2011 Programme.

Beyond 2011 - List of Statistical Options - paper by Andy Teague and Jonathan Swan - July 2011

This paper is a high level description of the long list of statistical options that the Beyond 2011 Programme will be exploring during the proof of concept phase of its development.

The paper largely examines the main sources of data that it is expected will need to be collected and used for the separate options.

It then goes on to look at the key characteristics of the options as anticipated currently.

A link to the paper is available in the Downloads section.

Beyond 2011 - International models for census taking: current processes and future developments - paper by Martin Ralphs and Paul Tutton - October 2011

This document presents a selective review of international practice in carrying out new or different census designs, or in augmenting census datasets by linking them to administrative sources.

The paper focuses on countries for which technical documentation is readily available in English and whose data collection systems are of particular interest in the context of Beyond 2011.

The intention is that this paper will be an evolving reference document, so that as additional material of interest becomes available and new information sources are discovered we will revise and update its contents.

Three broad families of census model are addressed in the report:

  1. A traditional census with enhancements using administrative sources

  2. Register or administrative data based approaches, where information held by government for administrative purposes is used to deliver the data normally collected in a census exercise

  3. Variations on a traditional census including the French rolling census, which operates on a continuous survey basis with parts of the country covered at different times, short form / long form census approaches, where only basic information is collected from all households and more detailed information from a subset, and short form only methods, where other information is collected using statistical surveys

A link to the paper is available in the Downloads section.

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