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Beyond 2011 Programme


Programme Organisation

An overview of the organisation of the programme, which reports directly to the National Statistician, can be downloaded in the Beyond 2011 organisation chart (11.8 Kb Pdf) .

The programme is managed in line with the Office for Government Commerce (OGC) Managing Successful Programmes (MSP) methodology and is subject to OGC reviews at appointed intervals. 


Governance of the Beyond 2011 Programme (the way in which it is steered and monitored) is outlined in the Beyond 2011 governance chart (54.9 Kb Pdf) .

The key groups involved in the governance are:

  • UK Statistics Authority answers directly to Parliament without Ministerial oversight.  It also governs the operations of the Office for National Statistics.

  • The Executive Committee reports to the UK Statistics Authority and is responsible for strategy and policy.  The Executive Committee ratifies the business case for the Beyond 2011 as well as the overall budget.  It delegates responsibility for the delivery of the programme and the realisation of the benefits to the Senior Responsible Officer providing direction and response to issues that are escalated.

  • Beyond 2011 Programme Board:  chaired by the Senior Responsible Officer, the Beyond 2011 Programme Board provides the programme management team with tolerances and delegated approval levels within which they can manage the programme.  The Board supports the Senior Responsible Officer in carrying out his duties through its decision-making and approval process including approval of the business case.

  • The UK Population Committee:  brings together the Registrars General from Northern Ireland and Scotland and the National Statistician to agree on and oversee a UK-wide programme of work on population statistics and demographic analysis.  The Committee monitors progress as well as providing strategic input on its future direction.

  • Interdepartmental Strategy Group:  informs the strategic direction of the Beyond 2011 Programme and facilitates engagement with key users, potential data providers and producers of official statistics across government.

  • Beyond 2011 Design and Delivery Board has responsibility for the coordination and management of the deliverables from the projects ensuring harmonisation of the outputs such that they deliver the outcomes and benefits of the Programme as set out in the Programme Business Case.  

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