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Consultation on proposed changes to the Intrastat Survey

Consultation on proposed changes to the Intrastat Survey

HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) sought the views of both data providers and users on ways of simplifying the Intrastat survey which collects statistics on the trade-in-goods between European Union member states.

The Government is committed to reducing the burdens on business, but in considering the impact of the various simplification options, it is important to try to balance the demands made on data providers with the needs of users. This is why HMRC is launching a consultation to find out the views of data providers and users on the various simplification options for the Intrastat survey.

Responses will be considered part of the process to agree a UK Government view on the preferred option(s) and negotiating strategy ready for EU discussions to deliver burden-reducing changes to the Intrastat EC legislation as called for by heads and finance ministers of all EU Member States.

The consultation document can be accessed via the link on this page. It details the options, any issues related to them and contains consultation questions.

This consultation is now closed - details of the findings will appear in due course. For more information contact:

uktradeinfo Customer Services
Corporate Business Intelligence
HM Revenue and Customs
Alexander House
21 Victoria Avenue
SS99 1AA

Fax: 01702 367331

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