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Measuring national well-being consultation

Opening date: 25 November 2010
Closing date: 15 April 2011
Department: Office for National Statistics
Category: General

ONS is developing new measures of national well-being. The aim is that these new measures will cover the quality of life of people in the UK, environmental and sustainability issues, as well as the economic performance of the country.

To develop better measures of the nation’s well-being we want to ask what matters most in people lives and what is important for measuring the nation’s well-being.

Some of the aspects that we know affect national well-being include:

  • income and wealth

  • job satisfaction and economic security

  • ability to have a say on local and national issues

  • having good connections with friends and relatives

  • present and future conditions of the environment

  • crime

  • health

  • education and training

  • personal and cultural activities, including caring and volunteering

What matters to you?

Visit our online debate site to leave comments or see what others are saying. You can also see details about well-being events and the latest news on the National Well-being Debate.

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