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Equality for disabled people: how will we know we are making progress?

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Opening date: 14 February 2007
Closing date: 09 May 2007
Department: Work and Pensions
Category: Health and Care

The Office for Disability Issues (ODI) sought views from disabled people and people affected by disability, organisations of and for disabled people, equality organisations, and the wider voluntary sector throughout the UK.

The Government is committed to achieving the vision of equality for all disabled people in the UK by 2025. However, equality can mean very different things to different people. This is why the ODI launched a consultation to find out how progress toward achieving equality for disabled people can be measured and whether progress is being made in areas which are most important to disabled people.

How to get involved

The ODI held a series of consultation events and workshops. You were also able to make your views known online at the ODI website.

The consultation document details the ODI's proposals, the background and issues related to them, and contains consultation questions.

This consultation is now closed - details of the findings can be found by viewing the results of the consultation on the ODI website.

For more information contact:

Michael Cooke
Office for Disability Issues
Department for Work and Pensions
The Adelphi
1-11 John Adam Street

Telephone: 020 7712 2548
Textphone: 020 7712 2332
Fax: 020 7962 8096

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