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Organisation Declarations

In the interests of government transparency, ONS publishes data in relation to its organisation structure.

Business expenses claimed

Business expenses claimed by the National Statistician and Director General

External meetings attended

Meetings with external organisations and journalists attended by the UK National Statistician

Government Procurement Card (GPC) Expenditure

Information about government procurement card (GPC) transactions for both the UKSA and ONS

Hospitality received

Detail of hospitality received by the National Statistician Jil Matheson and the Director General Stephen Penneck in the course of business

Junior and senior staff posts

Organisation chart and supporting data contained within the CSV files, relating to senior and junior posts

Management information

Excel and CSV downloads of management information on ONS staff numbers and pay bill costs

Exception reporting 

Exception reporting 

Energy consumption

The Office for National Statistics is committed to meeting the Prime Minister’s pledge to make this government the greenest government ever

Publication of data

Details of on non-consolidated performance related pay (PRP) for the 2011-12 appraisal years for delegated grades and Senior Civil Servants (SCS)

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