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Published ad hoc data and analysis: Economy, requests during November 2013

Additional statistical data and analyses by theme that have not been included in our standard publications.

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Reference number / date Title of request and link to data Summary
27 November 2013
GDP(O) low level aggregates at constant and current prices (581.5 Kb Excel sheet) GDP(O) low level aggregates at constant and current price basis, in an index and pounds million format. Up to 2013 Q3 (2nd Estimate).
25 November 2013

Annual Internet Sales Data (16 Kb Excel sheet)

Annual Internet sales data in £'000's  for four SIC groups.  Electrical appliances, books newspaper and stationery, computers and telecomms, music and video  recording and equipment.
20 November 2013
Household income by local authority, 2007/08 (67 Kb Excel sheet) Equivalised net household income by local authority, 2007/08
19 November 2013

Business Investment - detailed industry and asset breakdowns (201.5 Kb Excel sheet)

This file has been updated 27 November 2013

These estimates are experimental industry and asset breakdowns of business investment, which covers investment in plant and other machinery, transport equipment, intangible assets and buildings and other structures, by the private sector and public corporations. We requested feedback from users on the GFCF industry breakdowns published as an ad hoc dataset in August 2013. We have acted on the feedback we received to: i) improve our pro rata approach, using a methodology more suitable for series which may contain both positive and negative values; and ii) improving how assets are assigned to industries. This has significantly improved the series presented here over the GFCF breakdowns, however, these estimates still remain experimental. More information on the methods and caveats can be found in the README section of the dataset. 
12 November 2013

TOPSI - turnover of Legal Activities (31 Kb Excel sheet)

Please note that this file was updated on 12 November 2013 at 15:50.

TOPSI - turnover of Legal Activities, January 2012 to August 2013
11 November 2013
The Burden of Household Debt, by Household Type: Great Britain, 2008/10 (31 Kb Excel sheet) The table presents the distribution of individuals reporting household debt burden across different household types.
04 November 2013
Breakdown of wealth by age band (35 Kb Excel sheet)

Tables showing the mean and median values of property, physical and financial wealth in Great Britain, by age band of HRP.

01 November 2013
Current Account and Savings Account Ownership, by region: Great Britain, 2008/10 (35.5 Kb Excel sheet) Tables showing the ownership and values of Current Accounts and Savings Accounts in Great Britain, across different regions.
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