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Published ad hoc data and analysis: Economy, requests during August 2013

Additional statistical data and analyses by theme that have not been included in our standard publications.

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23 August 2013

Gross Operating Surplus/Mixed Income of the UK, 2007, 2009 and 2011, by industry section, showing self-employment and rental income components (42.5 Kb Excel sheet)

The annual Input-Output Supply and Use tables provide estimates of total Gross Operating Surplus plus Mixed Income (B.2g/B.3g), by SU114 industry group in current prices. The most recent tables were published in July 2013 and cover the period 1997 to 2011. These tables are consistent with the 2007, 2009 and 2011 data respectively, but they split industries by NACE Rev.2 A21 section, and show self-employment and rental income separately.

23 August 2013
GDP(O) low level aggregates at constant and current prices. (565 Kb Excel sheet) GDP(O) low level aggregates at constant and current price basis, in an index and pounds million format. Up to 2013 Q2 (2nd Estimate)
20 August 2013
Proposed financial year GDP variables table  (12.5 Kb Pdf) New table for the Quarterly National Accounts, detailing key GDP variables on a financial year basis

19 August 2013

Ways and Means Advances (49 Kb Excel sheet) Monthly data time series for Ways and Means advances made by Bank of England to HM Treasury. The data are stock levels at the end of each time period, the time series starts in 1990/91 and is in £million.
16 August 2013

UK Gross Capital Formation - detailed industry and asset breakdowns

Contents and description (28 Kb Word document)

Gross Fixed Capital Formation - By industry and asset (current price not seasonally adjusted) (766.5 Kb Excel sheet)

Please note this file was updated 25/10/13 

Inventories by industry (current price not seasonally adjusted) (235 Kb Excel sheet)

Gross Fixed Capital Formation (chained volume measure annual) (410.5 Kb Excel sheet)

Please note this file was updated 25/10/13 

These estimates cover GCF by businesses, households, public corporations, and local and central government. The dataset contains detailed breakdowns of UK GCF and its components, by industry and asset. The estimates are given in current (nominal) price and chained volume (real) measures, and are not seasonally adjusted.

We requested feedback from users on the experimental GFCF industry breakdowns published here in August 2013. We have acted on the feedback we received to: i) improve our pro rata approach to the breakdowns, using a methodology more suitable for series which may contain both positive and negative values; and ii) improving how assets are assigned to industries. We have implemented these improvements in the experimental industry breakdowns of business investment, published in December 2013. They are not yet implemented in these data.

16 August 2013
Household wealth of households in the lowest total wealth decile (40 Kb Excel sheet) Explanatory commentary on changes in wealth estimates in the lowest total household wealth decile, using data from the Wealth and Assets Survey 2006/08 and 2008/10.
15 August 2013

Consolidated National Accounts dataset - Eurostat table 610 (1.25 Mb Excel sheet) and table 710 (1.26 Mb Excel sheet)

Methods for estimating consolidated balance sheets for the financial accounts in the United Kingdom (77 Kb Word document)

Consolidated financial transaction and financial balance sheet data.

Information paper: Estimating consolidated balance sheets for the financial accounts in the United Kingdom

12 August 2013

Distribution of household wealth components, households in Wales, HRP Age 65+: Great Britain, 2008/10 (35 Kb Excel sheet)  

This file has been updated 16/09/2013

Table providing median and interquartile range for each wealth component in addition to household total wealth for all households in Great Britain and also for households in Wales where the household head is age 65+. Data source: Wealth and Assets Survey.
06 August 2013

Productivity jobs and productivity hours worked for NUTS 2 and NUTS 3 areas (91 Kb Excel sheet)

Underlying jobs and hours worked estimates used in the production of sub-regional productivity measures published with 'Subregional Productivity - April 2013'.

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