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Urban Audit IV

Urban Audit V (UAIV) started in 2010 and was completed in 2012. The results are available on the Eurostat website and data collected for the UK are available on the ONS website.

The fourth Urban Audit was comprised of three separate data collections:

  • Exhaustive audit, with the main reference year of 2008, covering over 300 variables for 30 cities.

  • Two annual audits, reference years 2007 and 2009 covering a subset of 40 variables for 30 cities; and for newly added variables, 2005 and 2006.

  • Larger City Audit collected a subset of 44 variables for the reference year 2008 for a further 76 cities.

The variables cover a wide range of subject areas - Demography, Health, Crime, Civic Involvement, Training and Education, Economic, the Environment, Travel and Transport Information Society and Culture and Recreation.

Urban Audit IV covered 323 cities across the EU-27 (plus 47 in Switzerland, Croatia, Turkey and Norway), 106 of which were in the UK. There were five spatial levels:

  • Cities – the core urban area (local authority).

  • Kernel – this level was created for some capital cities, in the UK, London, where the concept of the Administrative City does not yield comparable spatial units.

  • Larger Urban Zones – the functional urban zone around the core city (groups of local authorities).

  • Larger Cities – predominantly urban in character with a population over 60,000.

  • Sub City Districts – sub-division of the core city (Middle Super Output Areas for England and Wales, Intermediate Zones in Scotland and Super Output Areas in Northern Ireland).

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