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Documents containing recent guidance on Consumer Prices Index (CPI) and Retail Prices Index (RPI) statistics, published since 2010.  

Older documents can be found on the linked Methodology and Articles pages for 2005-09 and 1998-2004.

2014 Type of release
Comparing Class Level Chain Drift for Different Elementary Aggregate Formulae Using Locally Collected CPI Data (677.2 Kb Pdf) Paper 
Initial Investigations into the Prevalence of Multi-Buy Discounts and the Effect Of Discount Prices on Price Indices (1.68 Mb Pdf) Paper 
Calculating a Laspeyres Version of the UK Consumer Prices Index (166 Kb Pdf) Paper 
Calculating a Retrospective Superlative Consumer Prices Index for the UK (2.96 Mb Pdf) Paper 
Initial report on experiences with scanner data in ONS (184.6 Kb Pdf) Article
Variation in the Inflation Experience of UK Households, 2003-2014 (1.21 Mb Pdf) Article
What is affecting prices in the UK in 2014? (477.2 Kb Pdf) Article
University Tuition Fees in the CPI (322.3 Kb Pdf) Article
CPIH Announcement 14 August 2014 - Explanatory Note (313.9 Kb Pdf) Correspondence
Review of Hedonic Quality Adjustment in UK Consumer Price Statistics and Internationally (130.1 Kb Pdf) Article
Correspondence with the Bank of England regarding planned changes to consumer price inflation statistics (68.3 Kb Pdf) Correspondence
Work Programme for Consumer Price Statistics (70.6 Kb Pdf) Article
Consumer Prices Index: A Brief Guide (2.62 Mb Pdf) Guidance
Users and uses of the consumer price inflation statistics (100.5 Kb Pdf) Article
Consumer Price Inflation Revisions Policy October 2013 (49.6 Kb Pdf) Article
Explaining the contribution to change in the CPI 12 month rate (37.1 Kb Pdf) Guidance
Introducing the new CPIH measure of Consumer Price Inflation Article
Introducing the new RPIJ measure of Consumer Price Inflation Article
Consultation on the recommended method of reflecting owner occupiers' housing costs in a new additional measure of consumer price inflation, and the strategy for Consumer Price statistics Consultation
Modelling a Back Series for the Consumer Price Index, 1950-2011 Article
Discussion Paper: Results of ONS Research into the Application of the Stochastic and Sampling Approaches to the Choice of Elementary Aggregate Formula (1.11 Mb Pdf) Article
Erwin Diewert report on Consumer Price Statistics in the UK (1.48 Mb Pdf) Article
National Statistician's consultation on options for improving the Retail Prices Index Consultation 
International comparison of the formula effect between the CPI and RPI (152.2 Kb Pdf) Article 
Report of the Triennial Review of the Consumer Prices Index (CPI) and Retail Prices Index (RPI) central collection of prices 2012 (1.75 Mb Pdf) Review
Perceptions of consumer price inflation (52.1 Kb Pdf) Article
Reconciliation of the differences between the Consumer Prices Index and the Implied Price Deflator (344.9 Kb Pdf) Article
Consultation on improving the measurement of car prices in the consumer price index and retail price index Consultation
Responding to the open data agenda - an ONS case study: Consumer Prices Index (1 Mb Pdf) Information note
Improving the timeliness of CPI and RPI Publication Information note
History and differences between the CPI and RPI Article

Implications of the differences between the CPI and RPI (149.8 Kb Pdf)


How ONS consumer price statistics are used (67.2 Kb Pdf)

Impact of the VAT increase on the CPI (37.5 Kb Pdf) Information note

Measurement of UK Consumer Price Inflation - Royal Statistical Society Presentation, January 2011 (587 Kb Powerpoint presentation)

Presentation slides 
Quick Guide to Inflation Rates (32.5 Kb Pdf) Guidance
Consultation - Measurement of Seasonal Items within the CPI and RPI Consultation
Consultation - the Redesign of the Consumer Price Indices Statistical Bulletin Consultation
UK relative regional consumer price levels for goods and services for 2010 Article

CPI and RPI: Increased impact of the formula effect in 2010 (61 Kb Pdf)

Information note

Consumer Prices Index and Retail Prices Index - analysing differences (111.6 Kb Pdf)

Information note
Differences between the RPI and CPI Measures of Inflation (62.9 Kb Pdf) Information note
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