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Share Ownership Survey

Supporting information for the Share Ownership Survey (SOS)

Share Ownership Survey 2010 − information note

The Share Ownership Survey gives the results of a survey of the ownership of ordinary shares in quoted companies in the UK.

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) carries out this survey using data obtained from Euroclear (CREST), the electronic settlement system for equity share trading.

The survey shows how the value of UK quoted shares is distributed between beneficial owners at a particular date.

The Government Statistical Service Methodology Advisory Service carried out an independent review in 2008 recommending improvements to the share ownership methodology. The main findings with next steps were:

  • Finding 1: The methods used to sectorise data for multi-sector pooled nominee accounts and unallocated should be updated.

Next steps: An updated method was derived for sectorising data for multi-sector pooled nominee accounts and unallocated. This was implemented in the 2010 Share Ownership Survey release.

  • Finding 2: Comparison of share ownership estimates for pension funds and insurance companies with data for financial companies derived from ONS financial surveys show that the combined overall total value of shares held by insurance companies and pension funds was broadly consistent between the two data sources. The combined value of shares held by unit trusts and investment trusts was also broadly consistent.

Next steps: This was reviewed prior to the next statistical release.

  • Finding 3: The share ownership categories were the ones originally set up in 1996 based on the national accounts.

Next steps: The guidance and categories on Euroclear (CREST) was reviewed.

  • Finding 4: The general approach of the Share Ownership Survey was still valid, but needed to be adapted to take account of growth in the use of pooled nominee accounts.

Next steps: The updated method for sectorising pooled nominee accounts was introduced in the 2010 Share Ownership Survey release.

ONS published the methodological changes resulting from this review and further analysis in January 2012.

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