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Regional Accounts

Guidance and methodology relating to Regional Accounts outputs including Regional Gross Value Added (GVA).

Title Author Date of release

Regional Disposable Household Income Inventory for the United Kingdom (384.7 Kb Pdf)

Debbie Cooper, ONS July 2014
Regional Accounts Methodology Guide  (446.7 Kb Pdf) Fred Norris, ONS July 2014
Deflation Methodology for Regional Gross Value Added (Production Approach) (254.5 Kb Pdf) ONS January 2014

Consultation Response Summary: Workplace and Residence Estimates of Regional Gross Value Added (127.1 Kb Pdf)

ONS September 2013
Regional Gross Value Added (production approach) development project – Note on progress - April 2013 (166.2 Kb Pdf) ONS April 2013
Consultation Response Summary: smoothing and commuting adjustments in Regional Accounts (77.7 Kb Pdf) ONS August 2012
Methodological Review of Smoothing and Commuting Adjustments in Regional Accounts (292.9 Kb Pdf) Duncan Elliott and Joseph Winton, ONS March 2012 
Development of a regional measure of real Gross Value Added using a production approach  (237.3 Kb Pdf) Trevor Fenton, ONS March 2012
Plan for the accleration of NUTS2 and NUTS3 Regional Gross Value Added (GVA) estimates Fred Norris, ONS March 2012
The 2011 Regional Gross Value Added and Regional Gross Disposable Household Income user consultation ONS 2012
Regional Gross Value Added Inventory (368 Kb Pdf) Joshua Abramsky, ONS  2009
Allsopp Regional GVA(P) Project: Methods Development of Regional GVA on a production basis (311.3 Kb Pdf) Jason Murphy, ONS November 2008

Regional Accounts Government User Group Papers

Associated papers and minutes from the biannual Regional Accounts Government User Group meetings.

Minutes, June 2014 (193.1 Kb Pdf)

Agenda and Associated Papers, June 2014 (814.7 Kb ZIP)


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