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This section details the improvements currently being made to Index of Production, Index of Services and the Output approach to Gross Domestic Product as part of the programme of work laid out in the articles below.

GDP Output Improvement Report - September 2014
This article provides a detailed update of the work for Blue Book 2014 and outlines the work going forward for the GDP(O) Improvement Project.

Industry reviews BB14 Implementation
This article covers the changes due to industry reviews, the expansion of the Monthly Business Survey (MBS) and improvements to public sector output that will be introduced when revised figures for the UK National Accounts, consistent with Blue Book 2014, are published in September 2014.

GDP Output Improvement Report June 2013 (277.8 Kb Pdf)
Provides a detailed update of the work so far and outlines the greater scope of the project as part of the GDP Continuous Improvement Programme.

Index of Services – Industry Reviews August 2012 (249.1 Kb Pdf)
Provides greater detail on how the process will proceed, including the industries chosen for review and the status of experimental industries within IoS.

Index of Services – Industry Reviews March 2012 (158.6 Kb Pdf)
Signals the intention to re-launch the industry review process and consult with users on how we should proceed.

Industry Reviews

Further details on the industry review process including reports can be found on the Industry Review web page.

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