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ONS Quality Management Strategy

The ONS Quality Management Strategy was updated in May 2011. It sets out 3 goals that we will strive to achieve by March 2015. It supports the Code of Practice for Official Statistics, and through the implementation of the goals, aims to encourage a culture of continuous improvement and good quality management.

The 3 ONS quality goals are:

  1. To use Quality Management to encourage and promote a culture of continuous improvement through self-assessment and quality reviews.

  2. To produce relevant outputs with up-to-date metadata.

  3. To produce standardised outputs.

The strategy has been fully endorsed by the Director General. ONS Quality Centre provides support and training to business areas and monitors progress against the quality goals. To view the detail of how we plan to achieve the quality goals, please see the ONS Quality Management Strategy.

For further information, please contact ONS Quality Centre.

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