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Quality and Methodology Information reports for the Population theme.

2011 Census Statistics for England and Wales: March 2011 (179.3 Kb Pdf)

Adoptions in England and Wales (114.2 Kb Pdf)

Annual Mid-Year Population Estimates (368.5 Kb Pdf)

Baby Names (182.1 Kb Pdf)

Birth Cohort Tables for Infant Deaths (148.7 Kb Pdf)

Births (275.2 Kb Pdf)

Child Mortality Statistics (148.7 Kb Pdf)

Civil Partnerships in the UK (111.6 Kb Pdf)

Conception Statistics (131.5 Kb Pdf)

Divorces in England and Wales (123.1 Kb Pdf)

Families and Households (245.9 Kb Pdf)

Internal Migration Estimates (IME) (194.3 Kb Pdf)

Life expectancy at birth and at age 65 (168.9 Kb Pdf)

Local Area Migration Indicators Suite (241.4 Kb Pdf)

Long-term International Migration estimates (327.8 Kb Pdf)

Marriages in England and Wales (214.1 Kb Pdf)

Marital Status Population Projections (156.1 Kb Pdf)

Mortality Statistics in England and Wales (382.3 Kb Pdf)

National Life Tables (107.6 Kb Pdf)

National Population Projections (109.5 Kb Pdf)

Population by country of birth and nationality (253.8 Kb Pdf)

Population estimates by Ethnic Group (235.8 Kb Pdf)

Population estimates by Marital Status (201 Kb Pdf)

Population estimates of the Very Old, (including Centenarians) (335.5 Kb Pdf)

Short-term International Migration Estimates for Local Authorities (229.2 Kb Pdf)

Short-Term International Migration Estimates for England and Wales (308.7 Kb Pdf)

Small Area Population Estimates (SAPE) (234.9 Kb Pdf)

Subnational Population Projections (120.6 Kb Pdf)

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