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Quality and Methodology Information

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) is committed to providing its users with information about the methods used to produce the statistics and the quality of its data. This is consistent with the requirements of the Code of Practice for Official Statistics, which states the requirement to ensure that ‘users are informed about the quality of statistical outputs’.

Quality and Methodology Information reports (previously known as ‘Summary Quality Reports’) are overview notes not specific to each release of data. They pull together qualitative information on the six Eurostat criteria of quality (relevance, accuracy, timeliness and punctuality, accessibility and clarity, comparability and coherence) and address relevant Key Quality Measures. They also provide a summary of methods used to compile outputs and describe the methods' impact on the quality of estimates produced.

Quality and Methodology Information reports are categorised by theme:

Agriculture and Environment

Business and Energy

Children, Education and Skills

Crime and Justice



Health and Social Care

Labour Market

People and Places


Travel and Transport

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