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Guide to pension statistics

This guide is designed to provide links to the main data sources dealing with UK pension statistics.

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Pension Trends publications

Pension Trends draws together statistics from ONS, a number of government departments and other organisations to highlight the complex issues that shape trends in pension provision in the UK.

State pensions

Data sources for statistics on state pensions

Private (non-state) pensions

Data sources for statistics on private, occupational and personal pensions

Aggregate pensions analysis

Links to aggregate pensions analysis data sources for pension funds and pensions in the National Accounts

Saving for retirement (accumulation)

Data sources for statistics on pension accumulation

Income and expenditure (decumulation)

Sources for Income and expenditure (decumulation) statistics used in the compilation of pension statistics

Demography and the labour market

Demographic and labour market data sources for pension statistics

Pension organisations

Organisations producing pension statistics and analysis

Data sources (general list)

A list of statistical sources used to collect data for ONS's pension statistics

Pension Trends data sources

Sources of information used to compile ONS's pension statistics

Users of ONS pension statistics

Documents about the users and uses of ONS's pension statistics

Pension statistics reviews 2002-04

Key announcements, reports and discussion documents from the ONS pension statistics reviews 2002-2004

Pension Statistics Task Force

The ONS Pension Statistics Task Force (PSTF) was created in 2004 to address issues raised by the review of ONS pension contributions statistics

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