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Introduction to Methodology Directorate

Methodology Directorate is part of the ONS with responsibility for various aspects of the methodology of statistics and surveys, for quality, for geography and for legal services and information assurance. The methodological functions cover a wide range of techniques, which are grouped according to their position in the development and operation of surveys and statistical outputs into several Centres of Expertise.

Methodology Directorate primarily supports the ONS, but is also the central methodological resource for the GSS, which it supports through a number of channels:

  • Statistical Training Unit which provides training is statistics and survey methodology at a range of levels and operates induction training in statistics for members of the GSS

  • Methodology Advisory Service which undertakes work primarily for GSS departments on a repayment basis

  • GSS Methodology Symposium

  • The GSS Methodology Advisory Committee (MAC) which consists of academics and other experts in a range of survey methodology, and which provides input to GSS (including ONS) statistical and survey developments

  • The GSS Statistical Policy and Standards Committee

Methodology Directorate also produces regular publications:

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  • ONS Geography

    Geography is key to virtually all National Statistics. It provides the structure for collecting, processing, storing and aggregating the data.

  • Methodology Centres of Expertise

    Covers the general principles and processes leading up to the production of our statistics.

  • GSS Methodology Series

    The Government Statistical Service (GSS) methodology series of publications contain articles with a significant methodological interest written by statisticians from the organisations within the GSS.

  • GSS Methodology Symposium

    The annual Government Statistical Service (GSS) Methodology Symposium series brings together people working on methodological developments and applications from around the GSS.

  • 3Moons Newsletter

    OMS's Methodology Directorate's quarterly newsletter, published between 2005 and 2010, providing an overview of methodology. 

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