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Economic and business harmonisation

The economic harmonisation programme is in the early stage of development.

The programme will look at concepts, inputs, questions, and outputs that make up our economic data here in the UK.

The first aim of the programme is to identify some initial areas of economic statistics to harmonise.

It is important to note that although we will be looking at the methods used in social harmonisation programme, the economic area has different issues and difficulties to overcome.

Some examples of issues that need to be discussed are National Statistics definitions versus Accounting Practice, and the large number surveys covering financial data.

As with the social side, the Office for National Statistics hopes to work closely with other government departments, other public bodies, the private sector and academic institutions in forming a more coherent picture of the UK economy.

Along with new organisational changes and a little time, a number of new harmonised concepts/questions will soon be available to cover the economic area of statistics.

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