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2011 Census geography products for England and Wales

The UK Census collects information about the population that is essential for planning and allocating resources. The Census is undertaken every ten years and the last one was on 27 March 2011.

Census geography products support the Census statistical information in published reference tables and datasets, but contain no information about the population themselves. The products describe the geographical areas, and the relationship between them, for which 2011 Census estimates are produced.

These products cover England and Wales and some cover England only. Scotland and Northern Ireland have responsibility for their own Census geographies. Data for these countries are available from their websites.

Census geography products are available to search and download free of charge.

The Census geography products are also in line with the geography policy for the 2011 Census which itself is in line with the geography policy for National Statistics. This sets out best practice for using geographic information to produce national statistics that are accurate, consistent and comparable.

The geography policy adopted for the 2011 Census statistics was subject to extensive public consultation and has been ratified by the ONS Statistical Policy Committee.

Further information on the policies can be found in the 'Downloads' section on this page'

Lookup products

Lookup tables showing output area aggregation to higher geographies, and comparison between 2001 and 2011 statistical geographies. 

Digital boundaries and centroids available to download for use in geographical information systems.  N.B. If you require delivery of digital boundaries on CD or DVD, a charge of £50 will be made to cover the costs of administration, production and dissemination via secure delivery.  All charges are subject to VAT at the standard rate. 


Information on the copyright and licensing terms for using these geography products.

Reference (outline) pdf maps showing the areas used to present census statistics

Keep me informed

You can sign up for prospectus email alerts. These will be sent out every time the census geography prospectus content is updated. We will not use/share your details which will only be used to inform of geography products and management of these in line with the ONS MailChimp statement.

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