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Geographic policy

ONS Geography policy provides a geographic referencing framework to enable the production of accurate and consistent statistics. Our policy:

  • provides a single definitive source of geographic information (GI) and metadata

  • provides advice and best practice guidance on using GI data, and GIS tools and software to reference, analyse, and present statistics

  • leads on initiatives across the GSS, central government and beyond, to harmonise the use of GI in the production of statistics

  • Best practice guidance

    Information on a standard approach to the use of geography in statistics

  • Gridlink®

    The brand name for a harmonised method of allocating unit postcodes to geographic areas 

  • Open Geography

    Open Geography is a framework that provides the definitive source of geographic products, tools and services

  • Coding and Naming for Statistical Geographies

    ONS went live with new codes on 1 January 2011. ONS Geography have been using the new codes in parallel with the old codes since 1 January 2010

  • Best-fit policy

    Information on how the best-fit policy was created and implemented

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