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Population - frequently asked questions

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Although population figures are generally thought of as geographic knowledge, they do not fall within the remit of ONS Geography and anyone contacting us for population information will be redirected elsewhere.

Here is some guidance:

Where can I get Census population figures?

The 2011 Census took place on 27 March 2011 and outputs are available from the Census 2011 pages on the ONS website.

The following websites have population data, as well as further information and details of contact points:

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How many people live in Portsmouth? (Mid-year population estimates)

Censuses only occur every ten years but annual mid-year population estimates are made in the interim.

Mid-2012 information is available on the ONS website for the UK; links to estimates for Scotland and Northern Ireland are also included.

For information, the 2012 mid year population estimate for Portsmouth is 205,836.

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Other population information

A wide range of other population information is available on the population and migration theme pages of the ONS website.

If you still can't answer your query however then please contact either ONS, NRS or NISRA as appropriate.

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