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The term “region” is frequently used to describe any of the nine regions (former government office regions (GOR)) of England.
Further information about regions (former GORs)

Region (Scottish Local Government)

A total of nine local government regions existed in Scotland between 1975 and 1996, which were each split into a number of districts, thus forming a two-tier local government structure. During this period Scotland also had three single-tier island authorities (Orkney Islands, Shetland Islands and Western Isles). On 1 April 1996 the existing Scottish administrative structure was abolished and replaced by 32 unitary council areas.
Further information on Scottish administrative geographies

Regional Development Agency (RDA)

The nine Regional Development Agencies (RDA) in England were responsible for promoting sustainable economic development and economic and social regeneration within their regions. The areas covered by the RDAs coincided with the regions (former GORs). RDAs closed at the end of March 2012.
Further information about RDAs

Regional Health Authority (RHA)

Regional Health Authorities (RHA) were the upper tier of NHS administration in England between the 1970s and 1996, when they were replaced by NHS regional offices.
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Regional Office (NHS)

A total of three regional offices were introduced in April 2003 as subdivisions of the NHS Wales Department of the National Assembly. The regional offices were responsible for managing the performance of the local health boards (LHB), one of which was found in each Welsh unitary authority.
NHS regional offices were also the top level of the NHS in England prior to April 2002, when they were replaced by four directorates of health and social care (DHSC). The regional offices covered groups of health authorities (HA) and did not fit into the Government Office Region (GOR) structure.
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Registration District

Registration districts are the areas in England and Wales used for recording births, marriages and deaths.
Further information about registration districts

Royal Mail

Royal Mail Group is a part-publicly owned and part-government owned company.  The company is responsible for the main UK postal service.
Further information about the Royal Mail

Rural Area

There is no single definition of a rural area, as there are many different approaches to classifying what is "rural" (or "non-urban"). These include approaches based on population, population density, land use and socio-economic characteristics, all of which have different advantages and disadvantages depending on the purpose of the classification. However, 2011 rural-urban area classification is now available as a National Statistics standard. This classifies output areas and wards as either urban or rural depending on whether the bulk of their population falls in a settlement of greater than 10,000 residents. It also offers sub-classifications of urban and rural areas, based on population density.
Further information about the rural areas


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