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The National Accounts Classification Committee (NACC)

All classification decisions are agreed by the ONS National Accounts Classification Committee (NACC), a committee of national accounts experts.

NACC has a membership of around 15 and the Chair of the NACC is a senior member of the ONS Directorate responsible for the national accounts. The Chair appoints ONS colleagues with relevant expertise as members, including up to 5 Executive Members who have the additional responsibility of authorising more straightforward classification decisions on behalf of the NACC Chair.

The NACC Chair may also appoint external experts to join NACC in an advisory role where their expertise will be helpful in interpreting statistical guidance in relation to a specific case.

Current members of the NACC are:


Andrew Walton – Deputy Director (acting): National Accounts Co-ordination division

Executive members

David Bailey – Assistant Deputy Director (acting): Government, Corporations and Classifications division

David Hobbs – Head of Accountancy Advice branch

Jacqui Jones – Deputy Director: Government, Corporations and Classifications division

Peter Patterson – Deputy Director: Office of the Chief Economic Advisor

Ordinary members

John Bundey – Private Non-financial Corporations

Gareth Clancy – National Statistician’s Office

Phillip Davies – Head of Sector and Financial Accounts branch

Steve Drew – Assistant Deputy Director: National Accounts Methods and Development, Head of National Accounts Strategy and Architecture

Pete Lee – Assistant Deputy Director, Business Indicators and Balance of Payments division

Phillip Lee – National Accounts Corporations and Non-financial Accounts Methods and Systems Development

Sanjiv Mahajan – Head of International Coordination branch

Katherine Mills – Head of Local Government Delivery branch

Jim O'Donoghue – Methodology Advisory Service and former Head of Public Sector Finances branch

Bob Richards – Head of Central Government Delivery branch

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