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Local authority quality assurance

A key part of the quality assurance (QA) process was the assessment of the age-sex census population estimates against administrative data and the mid-year population estimates. The 2011 Census QA Pack is an Excel tool that replicates the age-sex charts which were used in the QA assessment of each local authority. The pack also contains the same charts at county level.

In addition the pack allows you to assess for each local authority:

  • estimates in a regional and national context,

  • estimates of short-term residents who are not part of the usual residence base,

  • estimates of households occupied by usual residents,

  • response rates and confidence intervals by age and sex, and

  • the components of the estimation and adjustment process.

As a macro-enabled Excel tool, the QA pack can be used to quickly and easily consider this information for any local authority in England and Wales. The tool can also be printed as a PDF report for a specific local authority.

To use the pack, you must enable macros. When you open the pack, you will see the warning 'some active content has been disabled'. Click 'options' and 'enable this content'.

All data in the pack are rounded to the nearest hundred, consistent with the first release of census data.


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