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Subsequent releases of specialist products

Specialist statistics will be released after the four main release phases. In time, more detailed products will be available under special agreement (for example microdata samples and flow-data). Access arrangements and agreements will be published as soon as they are available.

For planned releases of specialist products, see the fifth release page

Alternative populations

Alternative population statistics include second addresses, short-term residents, and workplace and workday populations. See all alternative population tables published to date.

Migration statistics

ONS has published migration statistics for Wales as part of the Detailed Characteristics tables series. See the Detailed Characteristics tables and the Migration Statistics for Wales release page.

Small population groups (including armed forces)

By their nature small population groups are difficult populations to publish data about because their confidentiality must be protected. To avoid disclosure, that is to ensure that members of the population group cannot be identified from our census data, ONS sets population thresholds for a given geography.

See all small population group tables published to date.

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