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Commissioned tables

England and Wales

ONS will continue to provide a commissioned table service for census statistics.

Commissioned tables (from the 2011 Census) can be pre-ordered from Census Customer Services. Commissioned tables will be constrained by the data that are available at each stage, by the similarity to what ONS plans to release, and by statistical disclosure control.

The price list for commissioned tables (25.4 Kb Pdf) in England and Wales has now been published. Four price bands have been identified to give customers a guide of how much their commissioned table will cost. However the customer services team will agree the final cost with the customer prior to any work commencing. Prices are effective from 1 June 2012.

All commissioned tables will be published on the ONS website as explorable and downloadable datasets for all statistics users under the Open Government License. View the commissioned tables published so far.


ONS will also be the provider for UK commissioned tables. UK tables can be ordered after all the census offices have released their 2011 statistics.

National Records of Scotland (NRS) is responsible for disseminating 2011 Census statistics for Scotland.

Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency (NISRA) is responsible for disseminating 2011 Census statistics for Northern Ireland.

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