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Products and Services

The main responsibilities of ONS are the collection, compilation, analysis and dissemination of a range of economic, social and demographic statistics relating to the UK.  In conjunction with the National Statistician, these serve the public good and meet our domestic and international legal obligations in:

  • Providing statistical leadership and methodological advice for the benefit of UK official statistics

  • Undertaking various representational roles in an international context

  • The development and maintenance of definitions, methodologies and classifications of statistics

The UK Statistics Authority Board is directly supported by the Authority's Central Office. This consists of the Monitoring and Assessment team and the Authority Secretariat. The Monitoring and Assessment team monitor the production and publication of official statistics across the UK through a process of independent assessment against the Code of Practice for Official Statistics. The Head of Assessment is a member of the Authority Board and is directly accountable to its non-executive members. The Authority Secretariat supports the Board in its functions.

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